Preparation for leading independent schools,
universities and art colleges.

Our services include mentoring,
one-to-one tuition and portfolio preparation

Established in 2011,
the department is led by artist Darren Marshall



Bonas Macfarlane Art helps students gain places and win scholarships at schools such as Harrow, Charterhouse and Bryanston and achieve places at top institutions such as Central Saint Martins, Goldsmiths University, Bartlett School of Architecture, and the Architectural Association.

What is involved?

Our Art services include mentoring, one-to-one tuition, portfolio preparation, HomeStay tuition, mock interviews and exam preparation.

Meet Darren Marshall

As Head of Art at Bonas Macfarlane, Darren provides consultations, mentoring and tutoring. He also manages a team of specially selected art tutors. Alongside his tuition, Darren is a practising fine artist, and exhibits regularly in the UK and abroad. He has more than 20 years continuous studio experience, arranging peer critiques, organising exhibitions, and working with galleries.

11+ art scholarship at Bryanston

“A achieved this result from the hard work and the support of his talented tutors; you gave him a great support to achieve this result. We are lucky to have you as a teacher. Thank you.”

Successful application to 11+ art scholarship at Bryanston following period of mentoring and tuition

US universities

"This is really great stuff. It makes for an impressive slide show. We will be uploading his portfolio to all 17 of our applications. What makes it impressive is that he has not done art at Eton. The two of you have accomplished precisely what we set out to achieve a year ago. Thanks again and bravo!”

Successful applications made to US universities. The student, who didn’t study art at Eton, worked with us to create a portfolio of work to enhance his application and show his credentials as a student of broad interests and abilities.

A* at A Level & Architectural Association

"We are absolutely happy with V receiving excellent grades and joining the Architectural Association, and so is V herself. I would like to thank you for helping and guiding V all the way from choosing art for her future career to joining one of the best universities. You are a great expert, your contribution to her success has been enormous, and we all appreciate it."

Success in gaining A* at A Level and first choice university course at the prestigious Architectural Association In London.

Summer art classes

"I’m so sorry that I can’t say thank you and goodbye in person. The girls made chocolates for you and decorated cards. Thankyou so much for teaching and taking care of my nieces. They are totally in love with your class. I really appreciate your efforts and work. I will definitely be in contact with you for other tutoring opportunities.”

Summer art classes for two students aged 8 and 9 years old

A* at A Level & Central Saint Martins

"Thank you very much! I do appreciate all the work you done with A - tutoring, advising, managing the process of the portfolio preparation, supporting her during application submitting period! We are very happy that A has had an offer from Central Saint Martins. It was her first choice university. Hope for future cooperation with you.”

Successful application to Central Saint Martin's Art Foundation course, following mentoring of client to A* at A Level.

A* at A Level & Goldsmith

“Thank you very much! I got on to my first choice course and I am now a student at Goldsmiths University (contemporary and modern history of art). I would not have been able to score so high without your help. You pushed me very hard and inspired to create more. Thank you so much to both of you, it's been a great journey!”

Success in gaining A* at A Level and first choice university course at Goldsmiths University.