One-to-one tuition - all day, every day, delivered online & face-to-face

Tuition delivered online

Bonas MacFarlane's tutors are all available for online tuition.

Our tutors are experienced in conducting online sessions, catering to clients around the world, and achieving outstanding results. 

For 25 years Bonas MacFarlane has provided students with one-to-one support. Our tuition programmes, which can all be delivered online, are tailor-made to match the needs of each child.

At Bonas MacFarlane we have a highly developed digital platform and a team of world-class tutors, who all regularly teach online.

Keep Children Learning

Our team of tutors, consultants and education experts is working flat out to keep children learning through this unsettled period. 

During this enforced break from school our team can:

  • keep your child focussed and willing to learn;
  • prepare your child for entry to top schools and universities;
  • undertake academic assessments;
  • plug gaps in knowledge and reinforce skills;
  • prepare your child for a successful return to school / university.



"Bonas MacFarlane, provider of some of the most sought-after tutors worldwide..."
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Bonas MacFarlane blog

Advice and support for families from our consultants, tutors and education experts. Our aim is to keep your children learning. Click on a title to read the full article .

Preparing your child for Common Entrance

A skills-based approach The Common Entrance exam can often seem like a mythical beast. Tales are told in hushed tones; it is notoriously difficult to tame, and sitting the exam separates good knights from bad! Of course the exam is important, but...

19 May. 2020

University Application Strategy

Our tailored Extension Reading Series gives you the tools to critically engage with your subject #UPP #Bonasmacfarlane #readingseries #universitypreparation #Oxbridge #russellgroup #ivyleague #acceptance #application #success

07 May. 2020

Plenty of reasons to send your children to Camp Bonas this summer

It’s screen-free! With over half of all 10-year olds owning a smartphone, parents are finding screen time battles more and more of an issue, especially in the school holidays. Camp Bonas is a brand new kids’ holiday camp offering a complete...

30 Apr. 2020

10 years of Bonas MacFarlane Art

This year marks ten years since I attended a group interview in Notting Hill for a tuition position with Bonas MacFarlane. As the coronavirus lockdown enters another week and its grip brings out the nostalgic, contemplative side in us, it seemed...

30 Apr. 2020

Why we think the Bonas MacFarlane Academic Assessment is so helpful?

Over the last few years there has been an interesting shift in thinking when it comes to parents seeking assessment for their children. In the past, families would usually seek the services of an educational psychologist or independent consultant...

30 Apr. 2020

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