For children to learn, the right conditions need to be in place. They need to be calm, confident and certain that they are supported. Very few teenagers work to their full potential without an involved parent or mentor on hand. Our mentors are successful, inspiring people. They become as invested in the success of the mentee as they are in their own goals. Our mentoring programmes help children to achieve at least one level beyond their initial expectations – this might be the difference between a second tier and top ten global ranked university admission.

All mentoring begins with the basics, ensuring that children are sleeping, exercising and eating properly, managing their time and forming good relations with their peers and teachers. Once these routines are in place, mentors support, develop and encourage all aspects of a child’s academic, cultural and sporting life.

We carefully match children with a mentor who shares their interests and ambitions. Our mentors have a passion for their chosen career. Mentors include talented engineers, musicians, academics and medal-winning sportsmen and women. All the mentors are also experienced parents or professional educators, and have proven their ability to encourage and develop young talents. 


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Mentors identify early on when a child would benefit from an acceleration programme or needs some extra support - from specific sports coaching to get into a team, to sourcing work experience and university application advice. A mentor will then work with parents and our team of specialist advisors to put the right solutions in place.

Mentoring assignments are overseen by Charles Bonas and his team. No other company has Bonas MacFarlane’s level of expertise and infrastructure to support mentors. We take great care in assigning children a mentor who shares their interests and ambitions. Our mentors have a passion for their chosen career, and include engineers, musicians, academics and medal-winning sportsmen and women. All the mentors are either experienced parents or professional educators, and have proven their ability to encourage and develop young talents.

We agree clear objectives: the mentors set personal goals and are in very regular contact. Mentors provide parents with detailed appraisals of the child’s academic and extracurricular progress and, above all, on their happiness and wellbeing.


Our mentoring programmes are carefully structured, multi-faceted and solutions based.

School Mentoring

Too often, teenagers are reluctant to depart from their comfort zones. School mentors work closely and confidentially with the child, parents and school.

Parents know that wherever they are in the world, their child has a mentor who is invested in making their school experience as happy and enriching as possible.

Particularly if they are new to British boarding schools, guiding and encouraging a child to become more involved in all the activities on offer can be absolutely vital. We encourage children to pursue at least one hobby to a level of excellence.

University & Career Mentoring

The transition to university is a challenge for all children, especially if the university is a long way from home and parental support. Bonas MacFarlane’s university mentors help children adjust to the new freedoms, manage their work, get the most out of university and plan their future careers.

Mentors can ease the transition from school to university, helping mentees acquire new academic skill sets (such as dissertation writing, taking lecture notes and dealing with new subjects such as statistics). Emphasis is also placed on to managing time and engaging in activities that will enhance career prospects.

Students perform best at university when they have a clear idea about what comes afterwards. We have a team of careers advisors who run programmes to focus a student’s ambitions, and who can arrange internships with leading practitioners in a student’s chosen sphere. We run specialist summer schools and online courses to help students with CV writing and to develop vocational skills.

University mentors work closely and confidentially with the child, parents, and student support services. Parents know that wherever their child decides to study, they have the best possible support.


Summer Courses

Bonas MacFarlane has many years of experience advising families on summer courses for their children.


In addition to representing some of the best summer language and activity programmes at British boarding schools, we devise our own tailor-made courses and expeditions.

Summer Language & Activity Programmes

Families who are considering sending their children to a British boarding school are well advised to start this journey with a summer programme at one of the leading schools in the UK or Switzerland. For children who speak English as a second language, there are excellent language and activities programmes. For those who speak English but want to gain the feel of what it is like to be at a boarding school, there are courses where they can join other British children and take part in a range of sporting, artistic, and musical activities.

Staying with British Families

We consider that one of the best ways to learn the English language is by total cultural immersion with a British family. A fulltime tutor to work on English language will often join the child and we try to match the child to a family that has similar aged children.

A typical day will include two to four hours of language instruction and time with the family and the tutor exploring the local places of interest and taking part in outdoor activities. Each programme is different and is devised according to the interests of the child.


For teenagers, a superb way of building confidence, teamwork mentality, and experience of new countries and regions is to prepare an expedition. We have a specialist team of expedition mentors who help our students to plan accompanied expeditions. Our expeditions have included a two week cycling and climbing expedition where two boys and their mentor cycled from the lowest point in Western Europe in Holland to climb the highest – the top of Mont Blanc.