Francesca has been tutoring Tabby online 3 days a week for the last two weeks and we think she is brilliant. She truly understands Tabby's personality (they share a love of rabbits) and draws it out to get her learning in the way that works for her. This is an ideal consolidation of what Tabby has been learning in Year 1 and we are delighted with how it has been going.


Decades of experience have shown us how to provide really effective one-to-one tuition. No other approach is so focussed on individual needs, so able to inspire and so free of any limits.

We are renowned for the outstanding capability of our tutors. All have excellent academic records, coupled with proven abilities to motivate, educate and communicate. We have a rigorous recruitment procedure, and only select tutors that parents are delighted to have in their homes. Many are full-time professional tutors; others have been teachers at leading independent schools. A good number are highly accomplished in other careers – from scientific research to journalism. Many are mentors in addition to being tutors. They mentor by example, inspiring the children they tutor to develop confidence, composure and flexibility.

Access to the best tutors, on its own, is insufficient. Tutoring must be properly administered. A director is involved in every one of our placements. Parents can rely on a Bonas MacFarlane tutor to arrive well-prepared and with clearly mapped-out objectives. There is a level of artistry in matching a child with the right tutor. Tutoring has to be enjoyable to be effective.


Reviews of our tutors

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Younger children are usually tutored for an hour each week at the family home, and the focus is normally literacy and numeracy. As tutees become older, subject specialist tutors help them to prepare for exams. An increasing number of sixth formers and undergraduates opt for online tuition, which makes it easy to fit in extra sessions. Holiday programmes are extremely helpful, especially when children are preparing to move between education systems.


We prepare students for all the major academic challenges, from 7+ entrance tests, to GCSE and A-level and IB, BA finals, MA dissertations and professional qualifications. We are careful to monitor well-being and realise the stresses that surround crucial examination points. If the pressure becomes too much we have excellent support services we can offer. Never will we recommend tuition if we feel that it is unnecessary, if a child is too young, or we feel it will cause stress.

Being part of the UK’s leading educational support company brings many advantages. The Bonas MacFarlane Assessment is a unique full-spectrum test which evaluates academic strengths and weaknesses in relation to UK norms. Over twenty-five years we have built long-standing relationships with London’s best education psychologists, child mental health experts and specialist assessors. We have a close partnership with the Dyslexic Teaching Centre, and for children with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, or ADHD, our tutors deliver academic support programmes that integrate tightly with specialist interventions.




We provide individual solutions for each child, working with clients across the globe.

Residential Tutors

For over two decades Bonas MacFarlane has been placing residential tutors with families. They live with or near the family and deliver education full time in the home.

Online Tuition

The Bonas MacFarlane online platform supports all of Bonas MacFarlane’s teaching. It provides students with access to support 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

School Placements

Bonas MacFarlane advises hundreds of families each year, helping parents to plan and support every aspect of their child’s education, from cradle to career.