Bonas MacFarlane has over twenty years of experience helping students gain admission to many of the world’s highest ranked universities.

Our clients have a global outlook. Most consider British and American universities. Uniquely, we have a deep understanding of both admissions processes. Many of our students apply concurrently to American and British universities. The highly successful specialist team that manages US applications works closely with our UK team to provide a fully-integrated admissions service.

We achieve hundreds of acceptances a year, and have helped students win places to all the top British and American universities, medical schools, law schools, art schools and conservatoires. We help academic students apply to the most prestigious universities in the UK and USA; we also help students apply to many other colleges and universities – some well-known, others hidden secrets recommended by our advisors.

Our college advisory service is discreet and completely bespoke.


Please call us to discuss your university application. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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University Preparation Programme

A 37 week, structured programme to prepare sixth formers for studying at and applying to the world's leading universities and help them make the best possible application. Targeted to Year 12 Oxbridge and Russell Group applicants.

Key Components:

  • Application Support

  • Academic Development

  • Oxbridge Preparation

Preparing sixth formers for the world's leading universities, our University Preparation Programme blends advice and enrichment. Students focus on the critical thinking and problem solving skills in demand at these institutions as well as subject-specific Extension Reading and Admissions Test preparation.

Students world-wide use the programme, which is taught online, to prepare for the most competitive courses, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, engineering, law, business and economics. Our sustained approach has led to students securing places at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities many times beyond the normal rate.



Join the 2020 Programme

10 months in duration 

  • Commences February 24th
  • Finishes December 4th


  • £1200 (paid in advance)
  • £145 by monthly Direct Debit (10 x £145)


1-1 Admissions Test Preparation

We prepare students for all the Oxbridge, medicine and law admissions tests. Our intensive, 1-1 preparation programmes are carefully tailored to the specific demands of each test and delivered by subject specialists. This is the most effective way to prepare for the admissions tests.

Group Courses 2019

Group courses are a cost-effective way to prepare for admissions tests. We run group courses for the most popular UK university admissions tests (maximum class size 10 students). Group courses are delivered online, so wherever students are based they can access the UK’s best admissions test preparation.

Admissions Test Finder

We prepare candidates for all the Oxford and Cambridge, medicine, dentistry and law school admissions tests. Use our admissions test finder to check which preparation programme you need to take.


In 1998 Charles Bonas created the first American college application programme that fully integrated with the British sixth form curriculum. It was highly effective; a year later our first student won a place at Harvard. In the years since, Bonas MacFarlane has helped hundreds of applicants achieve quite remarkable outcomes: in one recent admissions round, four out of five of our students were accepted to Stanford, out of a total of twelve admitted from the United Kingdom.

Strategic planning is vital for a good US application. There are an enormous number of American colleges, and each has its own entrance requirements and procedures. Our approach is rigorous. The US admissions programme takes 18 months to complete, and the student is carefully guided at each step by a highly experienced advisor. Our US team includes former deans and heads of admissions of Ivy League and other top US colleges.

US applicants need to polish every aspect of their application. Our rigorous preparation programme was developed with a former director of the US-UK Fulbright Commission. All students need to prepare for the standardised tests. This is handled by the world's leading SAT / ACT training organisations.

In addition to helping individual students, we also advise many of the leading British independent schools on the US admissions process.



UK programmes vary in length from intensive, three-month advisory sessions to relationships lasting several years. We help many families take a long-term strategic view of the university application process. We advise on the best choice of GCSE and then A-Level, IB or Pre-U subjects, to ensure that your child is studying the right combination for their desired degree course. Our reading lists provide a manageable way for sixth formers to explore and deepen their understanding of their chosen degree subject. We organise college and university tours, and mentor students to develop the academic, extra-curricular and critical thinking skills they will need.

An outstanding personal statement leads to interviews, offers and in our experience may even bring down grade requirements. With our guidance, students are fully prepared so that they can produce what is required to win places on over-subscribed courses at the leading British universities, art schools and medical schools.

Expert tuition in all sixth-form subjects can be arranged. Many sixth formers choose to use our online platform, enabling them to access their tutors for advice and support wherever they are in the world, and to join the intensive high-level preparation courses we run in the Bonas MacFarlane Academy. These are taught by academics from the UK’s leading universities.



Our Oxbridge preparation programmes are rigorous and stimulating. We give sixth formers the opportunity to be personally tutored and mentored by a university academic. Alongside this intense acceleration programme, our Oxbridge specialists provide clients with strategic guidance on choice of subject and college. We provide intensive preparation for the Oxbridge aptitude tests and interviews, and all candidates are supplied with extension reading lists.

The Bonas MacFarlane Academy runs a range of courses, taught in small tutorial groups by academics, many of which are specifically designed to help Oxbridge candidates to further develop their academic interests and critical thinking skills.